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Screen printing is utilized in the wide range of fields from daily goods such as signboard, poster, clothing, sports, leisure goods, automatic vending machine, electric products to industrial products such as print circuit, meivan, thick film IC.
It is said that everything is printable except water and air, and there are various needs for ink. Seiko Advance continues to pursue infinite possibility of screen printing ink with its accumulated achievement and constant research and development to meet various needs for the wide range of products.

The ink manual is provide in Adobe's Portable Document Format(PDF). To view these documents, you will need Adebe Reader.
Materials, Usage PDF Download Type Feature
English ไทย
rigit & soft PVC LOV LOV Evaporation high gloss, Good weather resistance
ACT ACT Evaporation Excellent printability, fast dry, matt
Weather-resistant PVC sticker SG700 SG700 Evaporation Excellent weather resistance
PVC sticker, rigit & soft PVC, rigit & soft PC JET-V1 JET-V1 Evaporation Cylinder press(Automatic), UV Jet Dry
non pre-treated Polyester film, PE sticker PAL PAL Evaporation Custom Ink for non pre-treated PET
GAP NEW GAP NEW Evaporation Efficient Adhesive & Good printability
illuminated signboards and plates of PMMA #2500 #2500 Evaporation Good for acrylic molding, High hardsurface
plates of PC, PMMA and PVC CAV CAV Evaporation Available of Transparent & Metallic color
PS, ABS, AS products ABS ABS Evaporation Fine vacume molding
STR STR Evaporation Efficient adhesive, Durable for alcohol & Cracking
pre-treated PP(PE), Metals, coated products VIC VIC 2 part reaction Universal use, Matte
SG740 SG740 2 part reaction Universal use, Semi-gross
synthetic Leathers, Rubbers, Fibers SG410 SG410 Evaporation Good for textile printing
pre-treated Polyolefines, coated materials MS8 MS8 2 part reaction Very good weather resistance
Synthetic paper, Cardboard plastic OP22 OP22 Evaporation Untreated olefin materials
PP for car battery case PA2 PA2 Evaporation Strongest Acid-resistant
Metals, coated, pre-treated PP, PE moldings #1000 #1000 2 part reaction Universal use for metals
Metas, coated materials #1300 #1300 Baking 150C 30min, Good printability
Metals, coated Wood, Reflection sheet #500N #500N Baking/Oxidation 80C 30min, Good weather resistance
Overcoating on PVC, PMMA, PC and so on #8600 #8600 3 part reaction High gloss, Ink protection
SG425 SG425 2 part reaction Ink protection, Gloss added
SG429B SG429B 2 part reaction Ink protection, Gloss added
SG429R SG429R 2 part reaction Ink protection, Gloss added (for hard coating)
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